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RV Dump Points

Kirkland Avenue Euroa
Kirkland Avenue West, Euroa - Open 24 Hrs
You will find this dump point adjacent to the western end of the Euroa Caravan Park. The facility is provided by the Shire of Strathbogie for the convenience of visitors to Euroa and is not part of the Euroa Caravan Park. Ample parking for caravans.

Dump Points are sites especially designed for Recreational Vehicles (RVs) to dispose of their waste, including grey and black water, and sewerage in an environmentally safe way.

Euroa Service Centre (currently closed)

Euroa Service Centre Dump Point is located at Euroa Northern exit of the Hume Freeway at the Shell / Coles Express Service Centre with caravan parking. The dump point is normally open 24 hours all year round free of charge.

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