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Council Elections - Local Candidates Responses to our Questions

Dear Members,


Due to the COVID19 Restrictions still currently in place it has been difficult to engage with the Candidates during these Shire elections. Because of this, the executive committee thought it necessary to seek out relevant information from the candidates for members.

We asked candidates from Seven Creeks, Honeysuckle Creek, Mt. Wombat and Hughes Creek Wards to respond to 6 questions. 

Below is a link to download a PDF that we have put together containing the responses we received. If any other responses come through within the next 24 hours we will provide those to you as well. 


Thanks goes to the Candidates, we appreciate their time and consideration on this matter.


The committee hopes you find this information helpful and useful. 


Kind Regards,


Executive Committee

Euroa Chamber of Business & Commerce Inc.

Download our PDF - Candidates Responses

Please Note: Official Responses from all candidates can be found on the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) Website at: Strathbogie Shire Council Nominations

(Also note: Responses can be downloaded for all candidates from each Ward.)

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