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Hi Members,


20 October 2020 

As Victorians take steps towards reopening, regional victorian businesses are constantly adapting to restrictions changing.


Regional Victoria is currently in the Third Step. From 11:59pm 18 October 2020 some restrictions eased. The changes to restrictions included:  

  • You can have up to two people visit you at home each day. Infants under 12 months are not included in this cap, and other dependents can also attend if they cannot be left unattended or cared for in another setting. The two people may be from different households. This replaces the household bubbles. 

  • Libraries and toy libraries can open for up to 20 people indoors. No more than 10 people can gather in a space (for example for a class). The one person per four square metre rule Signage, cleaning and record-keeping requirements apply. 

  • Outdoor religious gatherings are allowed for up to 20 people plus one faith leader. This replaces the limit of ten people. This includes ceremonies, with no sharing of food, drink, crockery, utensils, vessels or other equipment by participants. 

  • The limits of people in restaurants and cafes increases. You can have up to 70 people outdoors and up to 10 people per indoor space with a maximum of 40 people per venue indoors. Restrictions apply including the two and four square metre rules. Businesses must continue to ensure people from metropolitan Melbourne do not eat-in. 

For further details on the current situation, visit these links:

For businesses looking for extra support and grant information through this rebuild phase, visit :

Also you can call the Business Victoria hotline 13 22 15 for the latest information on the COVID-19 response - how this affects businesses, how to keep your workplace safe and advice on how to plan for emerging situations and anticipate likely developments.


9th September 2020 (other updates coming soon)


Editorial in the Euroa Gazette - 9th September R U OK day?


COVID19 has set unprecedented challenges for all business sectors, including the businesses of Euroa. It has caused huge disruptions to lives, increased stress levels and therefore the mental health of businesses owners, managers and employees.


There are a number of support options for businesses to access:

Business Victoria coronavirus hotline 13 22 15

OR visit for the latest information on the COVID-19 response, how this affects businesses, how to keep your workplace safe and advice on how to plan for dealing with the current situation and anticipate likely developments. The hotline can also provide information about support services and what financial assistance might be available.


The Victorian Chamber of Commerce's website also is a very useful source of business information - including closures, current restrictions and regulations in place for business.


Our chamber website - has a COVID19 bulletin with detailed information and website links for you to access whenever you need.


Euroa Traders thank you very much for the support they have received throughout this period, we urge you to continue to buy from your local stores, use your local trades and source local produce ongoing. 

Small businesses are the heart beat of our community, to get your local businesses through this please shop local wherever you can! 

5th August

The state is again entering these Stage 3 restrictions tonight for another 6 week period, we understand second time around this is going to be a huge struggle for businesses across the board adapting again to these very harsh conditions. We are here to support you all through this phase so please contact myself, Jacqui, Dennis or Pam if the chamber can assist you in any way or just to have a chat. We are thinking of you all and hope you are all doing okay.


If you need a reminder on Stage 3 guidelines, see this link


For details on Stage 4 Restrictions that Melbourne will be entering tonight, see this link:

Then click on the Guide for business – stage 4 restrictions (Word) document. 


Business Victoria hotline 13 22 15 is a helpful source if you require further information or clarification on anything. 


Also see this link for information on support funding options for your business to get you through this period :


Hope to talk soon




Steph Swift &

Executive Committee 


Euroa Chamber of Business and Commerce 

31st July 2020


From 11.59pm Sunday 2 August 2020 in Victoria state wide a face covering will be mandatory whenever you leave home.


Link: Business Victoria:  Face Coverings in the Workplace


This link to Business Victorias website provides much needed information and clarification for your business, on the face covering guidelines coming into effect Sunday night. Even with a face covering, you should keep 1.5 metres distance between you and others, also making sure this is being practiced within your business. 


Let the committee know if you need details on where you can buy disposable masks or fabric reusable coverings locally.

Steph Swift



30th June 2020

Unfortunately Victoria has seen a second wave increase in covid19 cases over the last few days. Although most of these cases have been recorded in Melbourne, we need to stay extremely vigilant within our businesses in our region. 

We ask all visitors to our town to respect and adhere to the social distancing measures within stores and also on the streets. Note customer capacity numbers when entering a store and please use the hand sanitiser provided along your travels.

We thank these visitors for their support of our town, in the way of stopping by, staying and buying from our local stores.

We look forward to welcoming  you back when restrictions ease properly, and when the businesses can really capitalise on numbers and enjoy your company.

Businesses in need of claification on the current restrictions in force until the 12 July, can visit the below links I have posted in past weeks. Particularly or

There are checklists, fact sheets, signage and posters  for your businesses on the Victorian chambers website. 

The Euroa Chamber is here for you, please contact a committee member to discuss any queries you have. 


Steph Swift


The most relevant and accurate information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak situation can be found on  


A very useful source of business information - including closures, current restrictions and regulations in place for business, visit -

Also the Federal Government has launched a new Corona-virus app, which holds all the information you need to know about the virus and the most up to date advise.

Steph Swift

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